Owl Spirit in the Woods

In Spring, one of our resident Barred Owls decided to rest in a tree in our yard. It was a beautiful sunny day but windy. The play of light and shade, the blurred movement of the fir branches, and the owl completely at peace in its natural habitat lend an almost spiritual quality to this image.

We see our owl family most frequently in Spring when the whistles and calls of the young echo around our house all night. Barred owls are probably best known for their “Who cooks for you?” calls that you can hear all through the year, reminding us of their presence and conjuring up smiles on our faces. But they have different vocals from whistles to piercing screams and they seem to enjoy talking to each other as well. You can find some of their calls at Barred Owls At AllAboutBirds.Org.

During the day you just have to follow the loud cries of upset songbirds and you might find an owl sun-bathing in a fir tree. In the evenings we find the young ones sitting on our garden fence, our trees, and even besides the chicken coop; dark shadows that take off noiselessly into the night, just to call again from the next tree.

Despite the calm appearance of the owl in the photographs, it was constantly attacked by songbirds. It didn’t seem to care about them at all.

But it was never sitting still either. Look at the gallery below to see all of the different mimics and head positions. I most love the image with its face turned to the sun, enjoying and soaking up the warm sun rays.